Our Four Main Focus Areas

Diabetes and Pregnancy - Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Our research has established the gold standard for the treatment of pregnant women with diabetes worldwide. Our protocols focus on maintaining near-normal blood sugar control in women throughout pregnancy, leading to uncomplicated term deliveries of healthy, normal-weight babies. Through our programs, women with type 1 diabetes can fulfill their dreams of having a family. Our research with women with type 2 and gestational diabetes seeks to end the cycle of diabetes by reducing the risk to the child of becoming obese and developing type 2 diabetes. A new initiative works with women between pregnancies complicated by diabetes to optimally prepare for their next pregnancy.

Artificial Pancreas - Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

Artificial Pancreas Project

A multi-study program of research to advance technology to automate insulin delivery throughout the day and night with minimal human interaction. The goal of artificial pancreas research is to use information about current levels of blood sugar to automatically and wirelessly send instructions to an insulin pump in order to keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range. This project includes research on glucose sensors, new insulins, and new mechanisms of insulin delivery.

Diabetes Education and Outreach - Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

Diabetes Education and Outreach for the Underserved

Our multi-faceted programs target low-income, low-literacy, largely-monolingual Spanish-speaking clients with or at risk for type 2 diabetes. We emphasize dietary information for optimal blood sugar control, understanding common medications, common signs and symptoms, important health exams, and low/no-cost methods to deal with stress in everyday life. Our programs have resulted in dramatic improvements in diabetes control in this challenging and vulnerable population.

Youth Education and Outreach - Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

Youth Programs Designed to Prevent Diabetes

We provide an intensive multifaceted program that educates and inspires adolescent students to adopt and maintain good eating habits and engage in regular exercise. Our program increases diabetes awareness and knowledge about what is a healthy weight, how media distorts healthy body image, and how they can become pro-active in improving their health.