2020 Annual Report


We are incredibly grateful for your philanthropic support for new ideas, new research, and the ability to continue Dr. Sansum’s legacy in diabetes research.We hope you enjoy reading about our progress in 2020. We invite you to join us in feeling inspired and hopeful that together we will continue the work that began 77 years ago.

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About Us

RESPECTED WORLDWIDE for more than seven decades, SDRI is an institution that is dedicated to diabetes research. In 2020, SDRI had 28 articles published in highly respected medical journal, conducted 45 clinical research trials, and engaged 4,452 research participants in clinical research.

SDRI’s research continues to make significant advances.

What We Do



SDRI’s RESEARCH CONTINUES to make significant advances in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as diabetes in pregnancy.

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Artificial Pancreas

SDRI IS ON THE CUTTING EDGE of research into new technologies designed to improve the lives of people living with diabetes.

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Diabetes in Pregnancy

DR. LOIS JOVANOVIC’S PIONEERING WORK laid the foundation for current standards of care for diabetes in pregnancy. Her courageous and relentless fight to teach the world how to care for women with diabetes led to a global improvement in outcomes for both moms with diabetes and their babies.

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Mil Familias

MIL FAMILIAS is a longitudinal observational cohort study enrolling Latino families with type 2 diabetes (T2D), building a unique real-world dataset of genetic, biological, behavioral, psychosocial, and environmental determinants of health.

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FOR OVER A DECADE in our community, SDRI has been a leader in providing bilingual diabetes education that ranges from nutrition and exercise to healthy living. SDRI further provides a variety of programs for children, adults and seniors impacted by type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as gestational diabetes.

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Farming for Life

FARMING FOR LIFE provides locally sourced fresh vegetables at no cost to underserved people with, or at risk, of type 2 diabetes. The program explores the “food as medicine” concept in type 2 diabetes and food insecurity.

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Our Team

SDRI ’S WORLD RENOWNED MEDICAL TEAM has a vital role in advancing our work in the artificial pancreas, precision nutrition, diabetes in pregnancy, and diabetes research. SDRI Board Members are volunteers who help steer the organization towards a sustainable future and share in the vision of improving the lives of people impacted by diabetes.

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Donor Spotlight

SDRI is incredibly grateful to our supporters that allow our work to continue. Hear from two of our donors about why they support SDRI.

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Precision Nutrition

SDRI ’S FUTURE WILL SUPPORT AND EXPAND our ongoing research in all types of diabetes. One new emphasis will be clinical and translational research into precision nutrition—diet manipulation to prevent and help control diabetes.

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Volunteer of the Year

IN RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING SUPPORT and leadership to the diabetes community, SDRI is pleased to announce the Volunteer of the Year is the much deserving Wendy Thies Sell.

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Funds Raised

SDRI IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE our strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency has earned us a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator.

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Power of a Planned Gift

Hear from Sandra Tillisch Svoboda about why she choose SDRI to be part of her estate plan.

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Our Donors

Lifetime Giving

SANSUM DIABETES RESEARCH INSTITUTE is incredibly grateful to our donors who are passionate about diabetes. SDRI is honored to recognize those individuals and organizations whose generous lifetime commitments equal $100,000 or more.


Bartlett Family Foundation
Mrs. Shirley V. Bartlett*
Fenton Davison Trust*
Florence W. Doty*
Estate of L.M. McOmie*
Estate of Ms. Alma M. Pearson*
Mrs. Daniel B. Turner*
Mrs. Stuart F. Watling*
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation

$500,000 – 999,999

Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Louise V. Burnett*
The California Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dahl*
Del E. Webb Foundation
Mr. Virgil Elings
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Eslick*
Mrs. Louise Gamble Bill*
The Harry Morrison Foundation
Mrs. Frances H. MacDonald*
Estate of Ms. Nadine Moreland*
Santa Barbara Foundation
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Sansum*
Estate of Burton Zoul*

$250,000 – 499,999

Estate of Richard M. Abbott*
American Diabetes Association
The Birdwell Trust
The Coeta & Donald Barker Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford
Forgey Family Trust*
Ms. Adele Goforth*
Ms. Deola E. Hopkins*
Jaeb Center for Health Research
Estate of Albert Kenyon*
Mr. David Miller*
Mrs. Velma Morrison*
National Institutes of Human Health
Pediatric Sunshine Academics
Mrs. Virginia Polin*
Santa Barbara Regional Health Authority
Estate of Col. Charles Schreffler*
Estate of Evalyn Wais*

$100,000 – 249,999

Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation
The Audacious Foundation
Estate of Mary L. Bain*
Mr. Cecil O. Basenberg
Mr. Joseph F. Bleckel*
Mrs. Susan Boething*
Mr. William S. Burtness
Ms. Luella Burtness*
Cottage Health System
The Crawford Idema Family Foundation
Casimir Domz, M.D.*
Dreier Family Foundation
Etty Yenni Charitable Trust

The Hearst Foundation
Hoechst Celanese
Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.
Hutton Parker Foundation
James S. Bower Foundation
Mrs. Nelimae J. Johnson*
June G. Outhwaite Charitable Trust
Kaiser Permanente Northwest
Mr. Robert F. Lint*
Liselotte Kuttler Trust Fund*
Robert G. Logan, M.D
Mr. Bernard MacElhenny*
Mr. and Mrs. La Verne R. Malueg*Marcellus L. Joslyn Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Martino

Mechanics Bank
Miles Pharmaceuticals
The Mosher Foundation
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Flint Ogle
Mrs. Victoria B. Olsen*
Pfizer Pharmceuticals
George Pomeroy
Mrs. Catherine Pomeroy*
Primus Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reingold
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation
Estate of Ms. Anne P. Silveira*
Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation
Frances A. Strobridge
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip F. Strobridge*
Ms. Sandra Svoboda
Estate of Mr. Torley Ray*
The Towbes Foundation
Mrs. Barbara Vernon*
Wallis Foundation
Williams-Corbett Foundation
Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals
Yardi Systems, Inc.
Ms. Etty I. Yenni
Mrs. Georgia M. Young

2020 Donors

SDRI EXTENDS OUR SINCEREST GRATITUDE to our 2020 donors who gave generously from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.


William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation

$250,000 – 499,999

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dahl*

$100,000 – 249,999

The Audacious Foundation
The Elsevier Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Mrs. Daniel B. Turner*
Ms. Etty I. Yenni


$50,000 – 99,999

Mr. and Mrs. Flint Ogle
UCSB Associated Students

$25,000 – 49,999

Mr. and Mrs. Sol Hill
Mr. Norman A. Kurland and Ms. Deborah David, Esq.
Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree
St. Francis Foundation

$10,000 – 24,999

The Birdwell Trust
The Coeta & Donald Barker Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Fox
Hildegard H. Balin Charitable Trust
Mark and Dorothy Smith Family Foundation
James M. and Margaret V. Stine Foundation
Mrs. Joy Redman
Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.
Williams-Corbett Foundation
Yardi Systems, Inc.

$5,000 – 9,999

The Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Mr. Joseph F. Bleckel*
Mr. William S. Burtness
Mr. and Mrs. James Cherry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford
Ms. Katie DeWitt
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Giller
Liselotte Kuttler Trust Fund*
Montecito Bank & Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nissenson
Pacific Western Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Radaz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reingold
Mr. and Mrs. David Ryerson
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Sprague
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Waxman
Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Yardi

$1,000 – 4,999

Alliance Wealth Strategies
Ms. Joan Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baier
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Berger
Ms. Jill Bishop
Ms. Marisa Bolton
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Boyd
Mr. George L. Burtness
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy J. Creath
David Himelberg Foundation
Ms. Nollie Lei Dawson
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander DePaoli
Dorothy M. Booth Charitable Trust
Mr. George W. Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Emerson
Ms. Joan Estes-Lindskog
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Faulk
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Foster
Mr. Richard J. Goodstein and Ms. Joy Leach
Ms. Ellen Goodstein
Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Groat
Mr. Derek Kaplan


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Karmelich
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Koodish
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lehrer
Lehrer Family Charitable Fund
Leonard and Lois Laser Family Foundation
Ms. Carol MacCorkle
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Marshall
Ms. Mary Maxwell
Mr. Michael R. McColm
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McEwan
Dr. and Mrs. Lowell McLellan
Mrs. Beverly Mester
The Mosher Foundation
Robert M. Nagy M.D.and Julie Taguchi, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Nagy, Jr.
Ms. Robin Neas
Network for Good
Mr. Joel Ohlgren and Ms. Nancy Even
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Orlando
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Paulus
Poomer Fund
Mr. David Reichert and Ms. Diane L. Dodds
Rooter Shark Plumbing
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rowe
Ms. Joan Sargen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sell

Ms. Evely L. Shlensky and Rabbi Ira Youdavin
Mr. Matt Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. James Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smith
Ms. Jodi Snekvik
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Middleton Squier
Mr. David Strack
Ms. Sandra Tillisch Svoboda
Tenet Healthcare Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. George Tharakan
Mrs. Anne Smith Towbes
Mrs. Jody Troyer
Ms. Jocelyne M. Tufts
Union Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Brad Webb
Wescom Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Wold
Patty and Mark Woolpert
Zermount, Inc.

$500 – 999

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Amerikaner
Anchor Point IT Solutions
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Anticouni
Mr. William Ashley
Ms. Hedy Bannon
Mrs. Michele Bartlett
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Dr. and Mrs. William Bennett
Mr. Raymond Beringer
Mr. John S. Carter
Ms. Andrea Chavez
Ms. Samantha Cheng
Ms. Debbie Collins
Robert Cook
Ms. Carolyn Cooper
Tom and Karen Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dawson
ECMC Shared Services Company, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Edwards
Mr. Angus Edwards and Mrs. Renee Morita
Emma Magnus Williams Trust
Ms. Elena F. Engel and Mr. Andrew Konigsberg
Ms. Donna Eyman


Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Fleege
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Forse
Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Gallimore
Ms. Deborah Gibson
Ms. Jeannine Glockler
Mr. David Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Haskell
Ms. Nancy Heffron
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hornbuckle
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Hornbuckle
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hughes
Nikki Jansen
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jostes
Mr. Steven Jung, Esq. and Lois Barnes, M.D.
Mr. Robert Karmelich
Mrs. Diana Katsenes
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Klocke
Ms. Elaine Kootstra
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Korn
Ms. Lois S. Kroc
Mr. Josh Liptzin
Mr. William Magro
Dr. William Margo
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Martens
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Martin


Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Maxwell
Metzger McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Morrisset
Mr. and Mrs. William Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Murray
Mr. Alexander Parraga and Ms. Jennifer Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. William Podley
Mr. Richard Risch
Santa Barbara Actuaries, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Shipp
Ms. Tamara K. Skov
Smile Brands, Inc.
Dr. Gerald Svedlow and Ms. Catherine Breen
Ms. Sandra Svoboda
Mark Thies and Meg Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Thompson
Audrey and Michael Tognotti
Mr. and Mrs. John Trimble
Pierre Wiltzius, Ph.D.
Mrs. Georgia M. Young*
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver F. Ziliotto

$100 – 499

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl J. Abrams
Mr. Cody Allen
Amazon Smile Foundation
Ms. Shirley Amerson
Mrs. Margaret Anderson
Mr. David Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Andruszkewicz
Ms. Jessica Arciniega
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert D. Ash
Alan Bachrach, M.D.
Ms. Beth Baeck
Ms. Jennifer Bartlett
BC Pump Sales and Service Inc.
Mr. Charles Beattie
Mr. Michael T. Bennett
Ms. Barbara Bentley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Berg
Sara Berhanu, M.D.
Mr. Ned Bixby and Ms. Toni Lorien
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Black
Mr. Frederick Blair
Mr. Keith Bloss
Ms. Yvonne Bokhour
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Braga
Mrs. Deborah Branch Geremia
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Brooks II
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Bryan
Ms. Maryjean Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. James Carroll
Mr. Martin Cattoir

Mr. Burton Chortkoff
Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Chynoweth
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ciesinski
Mrs. Edith Clark
Ms. Ann Cohen
Ms. Suzanne Comer
Ms. Karen Connolly
Elise Cossart-Daly and Brian Daly
Mr. Curt Cruthirds
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cutajar
Ms. Suzanne Danielson
Ms. Cara David
Mrs. Joann K. Davis
Mrs. Rosaria de Freitas
Ms. Patricia De Luca
Ms. Joyce Deegan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Dieleman
Ms. Sandra Doell
Mrs. Ellen M. Donohue
Ms. Shannon Downing
Mr. and Mrs. John Dragon
Ms. Kelly Eason
Mr. and Ms. Ronald Ehmsen
Ms. Christina Elashry
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Emerson
Mr. Dennis England
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Enthoven
Ms. Jennie Esposito
Joseph Esposito*
Ms. Janet Evans
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Feinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Feinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fergusson
Mr. Jonathan Fleck
Ms. Patricia Fornes
Fortini Designs, Inc.
Mr. Lylie Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan R. Frenkel
Erik and Judy Frost
Mrs. Judy Fukunaga
Mr. Kurt Fults
Mr. Carter Gage
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gagnon
Ms. Cathy Galloway
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Gamson
Ms. Dora Gao-ay
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Gardner
Mr. David L. Gersh
Ms. Marilyn Gilbert
Connie and Jackson Gillies
Ms. Dawn Girka
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glicksteen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goldsmith
Ms. Vickie Greenhouse
Mr. Dale Gunnoe
Ms. Stacy Hagemann
The Hamman Family
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hankoff
Mr. William T. Hanna and Ms. Karen Hanna Arndt
Mrs. Carolyn J. Hanretta
Ms. Mary Hartman
Mr. Matthew Haynes
Ms. Katherine Heile
Ms. Susan Hocevar
Ms. Victoria Hong
Ms. Jennifer Hulford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hunt
Ms. Cynthia James
Mr. Jeff Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Johnson
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts
Program c/o CyberGrants
Mrs. Lois Kaplan
Mr. Myron L. Kaplan
Ms. Tzipora Kaplan
Ms. Cindy Katri
Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Kaufman
KBM Enterprises, Inc.
Ms. Susan Keller
Dr. and Mrs. David Kerr
Mr. Tawfeeq Khan
Mr. Dave Kissel
Mrs. Cynthia Kissler
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Kitson
Ms. Sheri Korte
Meredith, Cameron and Amelia Kramer
Mr. Robert E. Krueger
Ms. Rachel Kurland
Mr. James Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. George Leis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Leitz
Dr. Patricia Lenehan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lindsey
Ms. Melissa Lipscomb
Ms. Debora A. Lopez
Ms. Christy Madden
Mr. Morton Maizlish
Chelsea Masters
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Mayrock
Steven and Evan McCabe
Mrs. Sharon P. McGahan
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Menard
Mr. Ronald Mencl
Ms. Amy Jo Mietzel
Mrs. Janet C. Millar
Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Minor
Ms. Malka Mittelmann
Ms. Anne Mitzenmacher
Ms. Monique Monokoff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Moore
Mr. Cliff Mountain
Ms. Michele Muse
Mr. John Muzii
Mr. and Mrs. Dale V. Nabben
Mrs. Jennifer Neenan
Ms. Mary Nguyen
Ms. Ellen O’Connor
Ms. Jacque Ohl-Trlica
Ms. Holly Onak
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. O’Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paulson
Ms. Cathy Pepe
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Peterson
Mr. Nicholas Petrone
Ms. Ann Peyrat
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Phelan
Ms. Rajeev Prabhakar
Mr. Robert Price and Ms. Amye Leong
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Price
Ms. Amy Raine
Ms. Christina Randall
Bill and Donna Read
Mrs. Anita Redman
Researched Nutritionals
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rhiger
Michael A. Richardson, M.D.
Mr. James Ripolone
Mr. David F. Ristig and Ms. Eileen F. Vopelak
Ms. Beth Roach
Ms. Catherine M. Rose
Ms. Adele R. Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ruby
Ms. Amy Russo
Mr. and Mrs. John Rydell
Mr. Ashutosh Sabharwal
Mel and Irene Sahyun
Mr. Mitchell Salzberg
Mr. Steven Schwartz
Mrs. Bena Siegel
Mr. Vincent Simone
Mr. Adam Sklar
Smart and Final Charitable Foundation
Mr. Douglas B. Smith
Richard and Patricia Sontheimer
Ms. Kirsten Spallino
Mr. Zobianna Spencer
Ms. Kristin St. John
Mr. and Mrs. David Statucki

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Strait
Mrs. Linda Strauchler
Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Stucky
Mr.and Mrs. Todd Sullivan
Julie Taguchi, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tannenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Marshal A. Taylor
Gail and David Teton-Landis
Mr. Scott Thibedeau
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Thies
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thomas
Ms. Kathy Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thunell
Ms. Danielle Unterman
Ms. Wendelin Van Draanen
Ms. Jacqueline Vigil
Eileen F. Vopelak and David F. Ristig
Mr. Joel Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. David Wallace
Seymour, Wendy, Carrie and Rob Waterman
Mr. and Mrs. John Werth
Josh, Jake, Jess and John Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Danny G. Wynn
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP
Mr. Gregory P. Zachritz and Ms. Rebecca Zwick

$1 – 99

Ms. Gail Abramowitz
Ms. Jennie Aho
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Aldrich
Honorable Thomas and Mrs. June Anderle
Honorable Clifford and Mrs. Karen Anderson
Mr. Raymond Andreasen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bacon
Mr. David Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Barbarin
Michelle and Phil Baron
Dr. Herbert D. Bartelt and Ms. Mary Thomas
Mr. Brian Beavers
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Beck
Ms. Sheryl Beitsch
Mr. Andrew Benesch
Mr. Robert Bern
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackmur
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bloom
Mrs. Zivian Bocarsly
Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Borgeson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Brenner
Brightview Lake Tappan Resident Association
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Burke
Mr. Jacoba Burnham
Ms. Kara Cappelo
Ms. Patricia Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. John Cate
Mr. Joseph Ciesinski
Ms. Beverly Clarke
Ms. Karen Coburn
Ms. Barbara Cogert
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Collins
Mr. Larry D. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Conklin
Ms. Patricia Cox
Ms. Andreana C. Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Dehn
Ms. Lillian DiMartino
Ms. Robin Dix
Mr. Michael F. Doherty and Ms. Margaret H. Ricks
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Dorn
Ms. Marilyn Cole Dostie
Mr. William Driscoll
Mr. Phil Easterday and Ms. Elizabeth McClure
Mr. and Mrs. William Everett
Mrs. Jan Everote
Ms. Marilyn Ferber
Yvonne B. Ferguson, M.D.
Ms. Mary Ann Fleischer
Ms. Jane Fleischman
Mr. Scott Fridkin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Fuller
Ms. Jean Gallison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garland
Ms. Karen Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Geery
Ms. Elizabeth Gilmore
Ms. Susan Girard
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Gissel
Ms. Leslie F. Goss
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Greer
Ms. Diana Hall
Ms. Cheryl Hamilton
Ms. Dawn Hardin
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Heinz
Ms. Vanessa Hoffeditz
Mr. Charles Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Johnson
Mr. Gordon Kashiwagi
Ms. Jody Kaufman & Mr. Bryan Thompson
Ms. Roseann Kinder
Maria Koepff*
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Kohn
Mr. Scott Kopald
Mr. and Mrs. Baynard G. Kresse
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kvaas
Mr. Alexander Lambrous
Mr. David Laub
Mrs. Helen C. Laury
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Lenihan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Lent
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Leon Guerrero
Mr. Douglas MacGillvray
Ms. Linda Madeira

Ms. Bess Madonna
Colonel and Mrs. Mark T. Main
Ms. Madeline McDowell
Mr. Robert C. Michael
Mrs. and Mr. Joni G. Milchak
Ms. Pamela Milleson
Mr. Steve Molina
Mr. Walter K. Moore and Ms. Patricia A. Quealy
Ms. Marlene Musgrave
Mr. and Mrs. George Nixon
Ms. Pamela Ogle
Mr. and Mrs. Terry O’Keefe
Ms. Linda M. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Oneil
Mrs. Phyllis Ormonde
Ms. Kristina Ortiz
Ms. Wanda Paganelli
Ms. Michelle Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Peach
Ms. Beverly Pekar
Ms. Rebecca J. Piper
Ms. Jennifer Plaxe
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pomranz
Mr. Eric Pratum
Jon and Mary Lou Puritz
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Redman*
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Reisman
Mr. John Rheaume
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Rose
Ms. Brenda Rosen

Ms. Donna Rosen
Ms. Maitée N. Rossoukhi
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Rothhouse
Mr. and Mrs. David Rovang
Ms. Phyllis Ruiz
Mr. James Sadowski
Ms. Hailey Salas
Ms. Shaina Salin
Mr. and Mrs. Gale Sanders
Marrick E. Sayers, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schiada
Ms. Emily Schipper
Ms. Lorin Schneider
Mr. John C. Schroeder
Nicola A. Selley and Kim Croyle
Ms. Susan Sexson
Ms. Jean Sheehan
Mrs. Gayle Shpirt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slatkin
Mr. Chris D. Sloan
Ms. Heidi Sparacino
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Stoppel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Stout
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sullivan
Ms. Sandra Suycott
Mr. Mike Tan
Mr. Chinse Taylor
Dr. Ronald Treiber
UCSB Alpha Phi Omega

Mr. Todd Uhl
Ms. Anne Van Belkom
Mr. and Mrs. D. Jerry Watkins
Ms. Valerie Watt
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Webb
Ms. Abigail R. Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Welch
Audrey Weymiller and Mike McMuller
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Widmer
Mr. George Williams
Ms. Sheila Wilson
Ms. Karen Witte
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zimels
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Zweig

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