Ceara Axelrod

Program Coordinator

Ceara Axelrod’s professional interest is to reduce the burden of diabetes for all people affected through the improvement of both mental and physical health. She has been working at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute since June 2016 and currently serves on the diabetes in pregnancy and industry studies teams. Ceara develops and coordinates programs and studies for each of these teams and is involved in grant writing, protocol development, data analysis, and clinical study support for numerous other research endeavors at SDRI. During her first year at Sansum, she contributed to fourteen different studies. She is now the coordinator for the Gestational Diabetes Prevention Program in collaboration with Cal Poly’s Center for Solutions through Research in Diet and Exercise (STRIDE).

Ceara attended the University of Arizona where she majored in Physiology, Family Studies, Human Development, and Human Services. Beyond her current work in diabetes in pregnancy, Ceara’s research interests focus on identifying and ameliorating disordered eating and other mental health issues in young adults with type 1 diabetes.