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In collaboration with other researchers, including Harvard University, we are developing the groundbreaking artificial pancreas that automatically regulates glucose levels using a continuous glucose monitor, an insulin pump and specialized software. The artificial pancreas will soon change people’s lives allowing them to live a life with fewer complications as we continue our research towards the cure.

$100 can assist us in funding clinical trials, which bring the artificial pancreas one step closer to those that need it most.


We provide diabetes and nutrition education to people with or at risk for diabetes in the Santa Barbara County, including classes specifically for the Latino community. People with diabetes will achieve better results if they understand the ins-and-outs of their condition; whether it is choosing the right foods, planning exercise, or calculating the safe and correct dose of insulin, education is the key. We offer classes to guide people to a healthy lifestyle.

$100 covers the cost of all 4 health exams for one woman in the Semillas de Cambio program.


The William Sansum Diabetes Center provides specialized clinical care for women with diabetes during pregnancy, gestational diabetes and for children and adolescents with diabetes in our area. Our focus with the diabetes clinic is on the use of new devices that help people manage their diabetes.

$100 covers the cost of a pre-natal/post-natal clinical appointment for one mother.


The artificial pancreas will change the lives of many people with diabetes by its automated insulin delivery, however; the artificial pancreas is not a cure. There is still so much we need to uncover before we find a cure for type 1 diabetes. For example, we have yet to discover the autoimmune trigger that causes the destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas. This work must continue so that we can truly take type 1 diabetes out of peoples’ lives.

$100 can help us fund groundbreaking research toward the cure of type 1 diabetes.