Martha Meza


“All the research that has been done was not done with Latinos. We need to know more about the way Latinos live. Helping with Mil Familias will help me to know more so that doctors and researchers can find more about how we can help fight diabetes.”

Martha Meza joined Sansum Diabetes Research Institute in 2017. Martha has been a Promotora for six years. A proud mother and grandmother, Martha also has experience with health education for mothers with diabetes during pregnancy, health fairs, and community events. Martha’s journey to becoming a Promotora began when she was looking for help herself. She called to attend a health class and after attending she was asked if she would like to become a Promotora. Since then, she has been committed to improving the health and lifestyle of those impacted by diabetes, and motivated to help prevent its onset.

Martha believes that a Promotora is a person who is a connection between health providers and the community. She has learned, “some people are afraid or don’t know how to get help for diabetes or other health problems, so we, as part of the community, give the information to them.” She is also passionate about educating people about the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

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