Mobile Health Station

Diabetes Prevention in our Community

The Sansum Diabetes Research Institute's Mobile Health Station is an initiative that was launched during the summer of 2015. Its objective is to support the local community through offering free diabetes screenings as well as coaching in the navigation of local diabetes management resources. Individuals have basic health measurements taken (including height, weight, blood pressure, and A1C test to assess diabetes risk). Participants are given a take-home form indicating where their numbers fall in relation to healthy and at risk ranges. They are then able to review this form individually with one of our diabetes educators who will also provide information regarding what immediate lifestyle modifications can be made to reduce risk. The Mobile Health Station serves as a link program to other more in depth WSDC education programs concerning nutrition and diabetes management. These courses take place on a running basis throughout the year. The Mobile Health Station has engaged with 273 individuals since it's pilot events in 2015, and is currently in the planning stages for 2017 expansion.