Diabetes & Pregnancy

Diabetes & Pregnancy


Our research has established the gold standard for the treatment of pregnant women with diabetes worldwide. Our protocols focus on maintaining near-normal blood sugar control in women throughout pregnancy, leading to uncomplicated term deliveries of healthy, normal-weight babies. Through our programs, women with type 1 diabetes can fulfill their dreams of having a family.  Our research with women with type 2 and gestational diabetes seeks to end the cycle of diabetes by reducing the risk to the child of becoming obese and developing type 2 diabetes. A new initiative works with women between pregnancies complicated by diabetes to optimally prepare for their next pregnancy.

Pregnancy and diabetes presents unique challenges. Research and innovation in this special area tends to lag behind other diabetes research. We know that both mother and baby do much better if their blood sugars are as normal as safely possible, but we are still learning the best way to achieve these goals. There might be other factors at play that also affect mother and baby’s health, such as blood pressure or lipids. Our mission within the pregnancy and diabetes program is to identify and establish evidence for innovative ways to optimize women’s health during pregnancy complicated by diabetes for the wellbeing of both mother and child. 
Before the advent of insulin in 1922, no infant of a diabetic mother survived. Even after insulin became commercially available, the outcome of pregnancies complicated by diabetes was still bleak; less than 10% of the infants survived. Those infants who survived suffered metabolic problems along with growth and developmental delay. Protocols developed here at the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute changed that for women and their babies worldwide. However, giving birth to a healthy baby still requires tremendous effort by the mother-to-be.

At SDRI, we help women navigate the difficult road of diabetes and pregnancy. A pregnant woman with diabetes must consistently think about everything she eats and checks her blood sugar more than six times a day. She does so because of her love for the new life growing in her.  We are here to support her every step of the way.

Dr. Kristin Castorino

Kristin Castorino, D.O. has been an integral part of the team here at the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute and will be continuing to provide specialized care for diabetes and pregnancy. Her focus will be on seeing patients who:
Have pre-pregnancy questions
Have just found out they are pregnant and have diabetes
Are at risk for gestational diabetes
Want postpartum advice and insight
Are referred by OB providers for care of gestational diabetes
The goal is to provide extra support to the patient and obstetrician in the pregnancy to ensure the health of both the mother and child. Dr. Castorino has special interest in an integrated approach to health and wellness.