Starting A Family

Naomi Stong had always been on the fence about having children and then after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it really threw a wrench into the equation. She knew that being a woman with diabetes and managing a pregnancy would be a lot of work and did not know if she could do it.
Naomi was first introduced to the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute after attending ONETALK. ONETALK is a support group for people with type 1 diabetes run by Sansum Diabetes Research Institute and JDRF. After listening to others share their stories and experiences with diabetes she shared her own. She felt something was missing from her life and mentioned that she was considering having a child and wanted to learn more before preparing for this new step in her life. She was then introduced to Dr. Kristin Castorino and Dr. Lois Jovanovic of Sansum Diabetes Research Institute where they created a plan for her to follow to insure a healthy and safe pregnancy.
Naomi was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 23, when she was a senior at UCSB. After being misdiagnosed at the health center, Naomi fell into a coma for five days with blood sugars as high at 1300. For years she struggled with managing her diabetes, but after meeting the doctors at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, Naomi reduced her blood sugar numbers consistently, working hard to prepare her body for pregnancy, using a continuous glucose monitor in addition to her insulin pump.
Now Naomi has a beautiful baby girl named Lilly and is in better health than she has ever been.  Her involvement with Sansum Diabetes Research Institute has changed her life. Says Naomi, “I’m very lucky and humble to have experienced such amazing care and forever will appreciate everything the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute has done for me and my family. When I become pregnant again, I hope to work with Dr. Castorino and the organization again. "