Testimonial: Participating In Clinical Trials

Jeanie Seashore is a Santa Barbara local who has been living with type 1 diabetes for twenty years and regularly participated in our clinical research trials at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute.  She is determined to make diabetes work for her instead of against her and has achieved this by using funds from research study involvement to complete impressive physical feats across the globe. These include hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, completing the 562-mile AIDS bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and twice hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim in a day! She has completed these accomplishments all while successfully managing her type 1 diabetes.
We followed Jeanie, the 59 year old grandmother as she trekked Spain’s world famous 500-mile Camino de Santiago this summer. Here she hiked up to twenty-five miles per day for 6 weeks in a land where she didn't speak the language, all while managing her type 1 diabetes that put her at daily risk of hypoglycemia or other complications. 
Jeanie feels fortunate to be able to help William Sansum Diabetes Center by serving as a clinical research participant in a variety of medical trials. "I love participating in the trials and getting a sneak peek at all the up and coming technologies for people with diabetes."  About the development of an artificial pancreas, Jeanie adds "It will allow people with diabetes to be able to conquer all of life’s adventures without having to worry about their diabetes the whole time." We are grateful for Jeanie’s admirable examples and enjoy having her in trials here at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute.